The Bee Charmer

so there’s a girl on okcupid who lives not that far away from me that message me last night

and she’s really awesome

she loves wwii history

she loves classic films (and she’s not an “oh, yeah, i haven’t seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s but it’s my fav film and i have the poster xD”) and two of her favourites are Brief Encounter and Random Harvest

she loves travelling and, even though she’s only a year older than me, has been all over the shop (Japan, Scandinavia, 4 month trip through Africa, and more) and she’s moving to London at the end of the year

  1. witzseeker said: go for it! :D
  2. bridiequilty said: what are you waiting for??? you should have been halfway there by “random harvest” tbh, TBQH
  3. constancemilligan said: GUUUUUUURL - YOU NEED TO GO HOOK UP WITH HER NOW!
  4. wilfulwilf said: GO GET HER.
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